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Congrats to Chris P. for winning the Father's Day Grill 

In November we raised $1500 in coats for kids in need!  

Celebrating Mother's all Month Long!

Jessica O. was the winner of our Mother's Day Promotion, she won a new Coach Purse!

Tom S. was the proud winner of a brand new grill!  Tom won the grill from our June promotion celebrating Father's Day all month long! 

Krista L. was the very lucky winner of the "One Month Free Chiro Care!"


Patient Appreciation Day!


Thank you to all of your patients who participated! We were able to donate over 50 stuffed Easter bunnies to the Omaha Children’s Hospital.

Our patients had a fun with our October promotion "Candy Corn Gives you Gas!"  Paige T. was the winner of the $50 gas card.  Her guess was only one away from the correct amount, which was... I guess you will have to wait and guess again next year!

Patient Appreciation Day


to benefit



for Children Who are in Need and Waiting for Families.

Thank you  for your donations and support, we exceeded our goals.